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Monday, September 12, 2011

Gorgeous Gretchen Rossi At The Water Tower Place!!!

During The Infashion Lounge Events Part of The Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival Gretchen Rossi from the Hit Bravo Reality Show The Real Housewives of Orange County stopped by to talk about fall fashions available at 
My Absolute Favorite Mall: Water Tower Place!
 I've admired Gretchen's style, lovely hair and creative businesses for such a long time!
For those of you that don't know Gretchen Rossi has her very own Handbag line, Makeup Line As well as Album on iTunes!!!
So of course I was so honored to sit down and chit-chat with this supreme sweetheart in between her signing Autographs & Giving Us All Great Fashion Tips.
She discussed her beauty regimes, hair secrets, handbags and plans for the future...

C. Chic:How Do You Stay Picture-Perfect 24/7?!
Gretchen Rossi: I just take pride in looking good and taking care of myself. When you start your day off and do your hair and make-up your going to feel good about yourself no matter what you have to do. Whether it's taking care of your babies, going to the grocery store, going to work or doing an interview. It keeps you motivated!

CChic: I'm Obsessed with your always perfect hair!!! What are your hair secrets?
Gretchen Rossi: With my hair being longer I actually use the curling iron, the 1 inch curling iron or the 1 inch hot rollers.Enzo curling iron gives it a tousled beach wave look!

C.Chic: How much are your handbags?
Gretchen Rossi: Handbags start at 300 & below and my new collection will be hitting the 100 mark to make it affordable for everyone!

C.Chic: What's hot for fall fashion?
Gretchen Rossi:Color blocking!!! Losing and matching colors and prints. Plus a great boot & great coat.

C. Chic So we know you pretty much do it all! What are your future dreams?
Gretchen Rossi: Do you have five days Girl!!! I'm like Oprah I want to do it All! Plan on doing every and anything a girl can find in her closet! I get lots of requests from men that really want me to do the murse. So just expanding my brand & collection!

With that said there is so much more to come from this Mega Glamourous Gal!!!
Visit Water Tower Place for The Fall Fashion's Featured in the video!
 Check Out to view all things Gretchen !


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