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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"One Day It'll All Make Sense" Book Signing with Common!!!

"One Day It'll All Make Sense" Is the most fitting title to Commons memoir. We all know Common as A Major Influential Force in the Music & Hip Hop Industry.
 He is also talented actor, as well as a philanthropist.
Macy's State Street held an intimate book signing with Common Tuesday At Noon. He greeted the majorly long line of fans with a sincere thanks and welcome.
Many longtime fans in line recalled there favorite songs and movies with Common and were all so honored to greet him! I was all smiles as I told him that he is a great inspiration to me and countless others in Chicago and beyond.

Since getting my copy signed I have been engaged in reading this amazing memoir. The amazing stories recounted from his perspective and so many others dear to him make this a truly personal perspective.
My favorite letter so far is the letter to his mother Chapter One "Love Is" I could feel these words come alive and almost hear Common rapping and singing these words in a melodic tone...very touching, inspiring and encouraging.

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