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Monday, October 10, 2011

MONa'RREZ Is Magnificent!

Friday October 7, 2011 Designer Hector-Javier MonA'rrez held a lavish reception at the classic Union League Club Chicago. Guests were treated to a vast array of scrumptious appetizers, champagne and pre-show designs.

This crowd was classy & fashionable! It's just something about getting dressed up that makes the evening so special. I mingled with an amazing classy crowd.The reception was the best I've seen thus far at a fashion show. This was such an honorable and hospitable reception A+++!

(left) Hernan Rivera

(left) Stephanie Turcios

Sue Beddaoui, Mare Khoshaba, Marzena Jonak & Diala Joseph

Candace Jordan
Fayshell Fajardo & George Owens

Arabel Alva Rosales, Hector-Jaiver MonArrez & Cesar Rolon Jr. 

As the doors opened like a gateway to heaven...I had no idea of the wonderment I would soon experience. Each Design Left me in Awe & Amazement! MONa'RREZ brought dreams to reality. The models floated down the runway draped in designs that were all made to fit the woman flawlessly.
 I asked Hector What Enables Him to Perfect this Talent: 
"In my opinion women are the definition of beauty. When I design I'm always concentrating on creating beauty, creating feminine silhouettes, this is something that comes very natural to me when I design."
 Indeed it does Hector's designs from his Fall/Winter 2012 
Collection exuded femininity and a sparkle of elegance!

As Hector further explains: "This collection was inspired by a dreamy mystery, I decided to use metallic tones and a variety of interesting cuts to capture a very unique fashion concept." 
This dreamy mystery took center stage on the runway with dreamy metallic gowns, embellished elegant dreamy designs and eclectic cuts. These gowns are such a dream but not to far out of reach with prices starting at $260 depending on design, fabric & style. 
You can own a piece of the dreamy collection for your next exciting or elegant event! 
MONa'RREZ Collection has every intention of staying in the Fashion Business forever. 
With future aspirations to continue growing year after year to an International Level...
MONa'RREZ will undoubtedly continue to be our dream lover designer taking us to a place of gorgeous gowns with Golden Goddess Status.


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