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Friday, October 7, 2011

One Year Anniversary!!!!

It's been A Whirlwind Crazy Year Since I Started CChicChicago.
 I can't express enough how much talent is here in Chicago that goes unrecognized.
 I started it for that reason to share the talent, events and so much more!
All while aiming to top it all off with a fun & playful perspective.

 I'm learning more each day about the amazing business of blogging!
By uncovering and discovering so much fashionable talent here it somewhat  fulfills the dream I once had in 2007 (before the huge recession) to have my own clothing boutique filled with finds from local designers. Who knows?... Perhaps sometime in the future I will fulfill that dream!
I must say without doing this I would have never gotten to meet so many amazing people who I couldn't imagine living without today! Such super amazing friends~^_^

You have inspired me tremendously so much so that I finally decided to purse my lifelong dream of writing and publishing novellas. We all know that The Fashion Community isn't always glamorous, it can be super hectic at times! Throughout all of it I'm excited for what's to come-
Chicago Fashion is Amazing and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! 

Miriam Cecilia Carlson & Benjamin Cottrell

The Always Fun & Lovely Carrie Ella

Gordana Rasic

Azeeza Desai, R.L. Fox & Zeenat Desai 


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