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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Timeless Elegance...3 Hearts Boutique

With The Holidays in Full Swing and The Season of Giving in Motion my dear friends Shelly and Molly of 3 hearts Boutique remind me that in fashion there is a huge desire to give back and help others. I was oh so fortunate to meet Shelly and Molly last year during Latino Fashion Week and they were so vibrant and full of energy that it was contagious! Of course they are still that way! Some of Shelly & Molly's favorite activities are the simple things "Molly & I love being together.Our favorite thing to do is just be in our pj's and laugh." When I asked about favorite fashions and designers Shelly replied:  "I have a love and respect for every designer being creative and expressing yourself is so amazing inspires."

 The 3 Hearts has true meaning to their brand. Here Shelly describes the true inspiration behind 3 Hearts Boutique"I was selling high end jewelry when my girlfriend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  I wanted to put two things I was passionate about together. Making women feel beautiful by jewelry and giving back to others in need." Making women feel beautiful indeed is what they do. It's no surprise that Shelly finds inspiration in the most impossible places: "I feel that jewelry is art work.  I am always inspired from sitting around the fireplace to sitting in rush hour traffic."

The 3 Hearts Boutique clearly distinguishes themselves as a local brand and are distinct because of their cause. Shelly describes their distinct difference best: That there is a heart somewhere in the remind people to use your heart everyday give back and be a "good" person."  3 hearts Boutique is a luxury brand that specializes in gorgeous gemstones, gold and diamond. 3 Hearts was recently featured on the cover of my second novella: "Moirai"...

At various shopping events such as "Shop In Chicago". And seen on countless Chicagoans and beyond that absolutely appreciate the quality of their designs and cause. 
When asked What Celebrity would be an excellent representation of the 3 hearts jewelry brand? Shelly stated with excitement:"Angelia Jolie! "She is always giving back, and is loving and caring and a role model to those in need.  My jewelry has a meaning behind it, not just to look beautiful but when wearing it to be beautiful inside and outside." 

3 Hearts Boutique is luxury jewerly made affordable( With Many pieces all under $200)..If you love Tiffanys I promised you'll love these local jewelers even better! They can customize any piece you'd like to your desires and create a truly one-of-a-kind design.
View 3 Hearts Boutique Feature Video Below & Stay Tuned for 2012...
3 Hearts has Many Amazing Charitable projects in Store

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