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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Multi-Talented Marissa Kendrick presents: "Art On The Move"!!!

As the feeling of "Butterflies" rushed through my body while swaying my body to the harmonious sounds of Justin Ruff and his vocal singers I knew the night would be a magical one.
 Host Tina Powell took center stage and danced with the audience...
 even had my princess smiling and laughing to her moves. 
When it was time for the show to begin the lights dimmed
3 spunky women took the stage and did a Signature
"Deleay Lashay" dance that set the stage for the show to come!

"Bossy" took control and the ladies one after the next were owning the look!
The choreography of the models walk, music and mirrors on the runway left me jaw-dropped in excitement! The designs and spunky jewelry were definitely giving off all bossy aura's!

"Essence" beautiful, ethereal calm took over...
The audience was graced with gorgeous flowly, sweeping gowns, Arm embellishments, dress adornments
all made by Marissa.

"Conversation Piece" definitely stole the show as it should!
 Living up to it's title each piece one after the next were quirky fun jewelry and colorful dresses~
held the audience in awe, and surprise.
The finale was insanely dramatic and the models all moved in perfect sync!

Finally Marissa took the stage to thank everyone for coming. 
She was just almost in tears after seeing her vision come alive: 
Her first showcase and the debut of her clothing designs paired with the famous Deleay Lashay jewelry!
She presented her parents with roses and thanked them for was a truly sweet and real moment.  

Yesterday after the weekend~ I got to have a informal chat with Marissa and this lady is probably one of the most multi-talented yet understated designers in Chicago.
She is truly an Artist :Painter, Designer of Jewelry and Clothing.
  Humanitarian : Held A 3-day Teen Empowerment Summer Camp this past summer.
 Earned Media and support from celebrities: Keri Hilson, Austin and Santino From Project Runway.  Marissa's Picture Featured in Today's Chicago Woman. And the list goes on and on. 

When asked what inspired her to design her clothing, Marissa replied " I wanted to design my clothes just as I design my jewelry as wearable art with my voice. I've always loved how clothes fit to a woman's body and adds personal character. The inspiration comes from both my painting and jewelry."
Marissa Kendrick is such a positive inspiring lady!
 I loved being in her presence and without a doubt has BIG Plans for Deleay Lashay in 2012
 beyond so stay tuned Via
♥Marissa Pictured With Her Sister♥


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