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Monday, January 23, 2012

Omar Villalobos: The GO in GOCA

Never backing down Omar Villalobos the man and driving force behind GOCA. Some may call the GOCA dream...simply just that---a dream but it's evident that Omar plans to make his visions come true in due time. Giving the whole town something to talk about and shattering naysayers. In less than nine months since teaming up with the Fashion Sensation Gordana- President of GOCA. Omar Vice President & Creative Director of GOCA has been the driving force of their brand here in Chicago while both finishing up school. Omar is a sophomore at Columbia College in Chicago with a double major in Fashion Design & Merchandise with a minor in Journalism. I have had the immense pleasure of watching Omar grow in beautiful positive ways. From attending their showcase in June at Evil Olive to Watching their designs strut down the runway at Latino Fashion Week in October. And hearing about Lady Gaga Following him on twitter! All those things and little moments of just hanging out at bebe and Burberry shopping and goofing around make up my experiences with the individual Omar. Many things have never changed though and never will---the fact that he believes in GOCA as an art first, as a lifestyle. I believe that is the most absolute beautiful thing any individual must have in any field---Believing in you and staying true to what you believe in. It's no question this positive attribute is the reason behind the GOCA brand being chosen to showcase at New York Fashion Week at Emerge! Right here at CChicChicago I had the exclusive opportunity to delve deep into his true thoughts while preparing for New York Fashion Week and honestly I had to chat it up with him before he becomes to famous and unattainable! LOL I adore the handsome sweetie:)

CChicChicago: What Drives you to purse your dreams in fashion...?
Omar Villalobos : Those who have no voice inspire my drive in fashion. Fashion brings about the ability to express oneself without feeling the need of restriction, so through my clothes I can voice who I
am and take a stance. I was never that way and that is why I work hard to be the voice for those
who felt like me in high school or who still do. In junior high, I was always the kid who sat in the
back corner without having anything to say simply because I feared I would get made fun of. It
was something that I struggled with for many years and still do sometimes, but Iʼm no longer
afraid to stand up and be who I am. Through the means of fashion, Iʼve gained a confidence that
has helped me find myself. I want others to feel the same, to feel confident enough to voice who
they are without fear. I have that opportunity now, so I will not let it go.

CChicChicago: How do you find a healthy balance to the drastic changes in your life...with School, GOCA, International Fame?
Omar Villalobos: It is tough to find balance with all the madness that comes with owning a fashion label and
being a full-time student, but when you love what you do it all becomes second nature. You
learn how to use your time accordingly, sometimes giving up a lot of time with friends to get
work done. At times I find myself spending all day inside because Iʼm attached to either the
computer or a sketchpad. However, at the end of the day, Iʼm using my time to get work done.
Itʼs a nice feeling to know your on top of your work because it is very easy to feel overwhelmed
by all of things that are going on around you. It can pile up very fast and before you know it, you
have lists and lists of things to complete. Itʼs all a matter of loving what you do, staying positive,
and balancing your time.

CChicChicago: What has been your defining moment where you knew 'this is where I need to be!"?
Omar Villalobos: My defining moment was when we showcased at RawArtists in June. It was my first fashion
show, so I didnʼt know what to expect. I was worried about the models actually showing up, the
clothes actually fitting, and the overall turnout of the show. The show ended up being amazing,
we received positive reviews. I realized this was for me as I was running around trying to get the
clothes ready, confirming our make-up choice, and trying to get the models in line for the
runway. I fell in love with the adrenaline rush that went through my body, it is something that
words can not describe. Even though I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, I
loved every second of that experience. Thatʼs when I realize fashion was my lifestyle.

CChicChicago: Name Your Favorite Fashion Inspirations local and International? 
Omar Villalobos: My inspirations come from a lot of the nature and the world outside. I am inspired by the smallest things people would not really think are inspirational. Iʼm inspired by nature, for example,
the way the wind moves the grass. The movement that I observe, I can visualize it on a dress,
creating a gown with flow and drape. I love being able to breath in air and just stare of into the
distance of the country land. It amazes me, and thatʼs why I love going back home every now
and then because I can do that. I live in a small suburb that is located in the middle of country
land, so Iʼm around nature always. I just feel more relaxed when Iʼm around an area that feels
so natural and expressive.

CChicChicago: GOCA years from now...what are your biggest hopes and dreams for this amazing art-driven brand?
Omar Villalobos: Within the next couple of years, I want to see GOCA evolve into a fashion powerhouse. I know it is a hope that sounds far from reach, but with dedication and hard work, anything is
possible. The day I see more than one woman wearing GOCA is when Iʼll feel like a
powerhouse. It would be amazing to see people wearing something both Gordana and I
created, it would make us so happy to know that people appreciate our hard work. Letʼs just say
Gordana and I have a lot of work to do! :)
Without a doubt I know GOCA will surpass their goals and create even more new amazing beautiful dreams. This Friday they will be hosting an Event-you can attend and meet the man yourself part of the amazing duo that is GOCA.


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