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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Deux: Couture Fashion Week New York Final Showcases

Saturday 6 & 8 p.m. February 18, 2012 Waldorf Astoria Ballroom
Kostas Outerwear began with beautiful singing by Veronica Lovan.

Fabulous, Luxurious Furs by Kostas Outerwear~
Immersed the stage one after the next one more luxuriously unique and lovely than the one before!

Prancing down the runway next was the designs by Catalin Botezatu. Each design made with such awe and splendor like a beautiful scene fit for a queen. It was simply a fantasy come true to see such a sensuous display of gorgeous fashions appear one after the next with subtle fur accents and embellishments head to toe with the most beautiful crown to top of the look and gloves with leather & lace.
The hair, make-up, crown accents and gracefulness of each model just made each piece complete perfection!

The Dramatics in each design is why I absolutely enjoy Couture Fashion Week! 
Every Showcase tells a story and creates a mood all it's own. 

Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt's husband always dreamed to have the signature trademark art someday onto fashion and with the hard work of Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt she made that dream come to life!
 With jeans and fabrics jetted in paint that were that Rock n Roll Edginess!!

Pure Magnificence!!! 

This awe-inspiring showcase was just the most beautiful delicate showcase of fashions from head to toe! 
As I saw each design grace the stage each shoe was like a slipper of love made specially for each gown. 
The hair was also a fashion showcase all by itself! Towers of hair stacked beautifully with jewels. 

Make-up done with perfect precision. 

 Elegant singing alongside took center-stage with the models as they did a final walk & pose for the finale.

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