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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patuna Bushyhead Showcase at Couture Fashion Week New York!!

Patuna Bushyhead Republic of Georgia

Patuna is such a special sweetheart and I had the lovely pleasure to meet at Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2011. She was just the most amazing sweet soul as she remains today. I received an email from her back in December to tell me of her attendance at Couture Fashion Week New York
Since I had already submitted my media request to Couture Fashion Week at that time I was simply ecstatic to know she would be in attendance! I immediately replied back to let her know I would be there of course to see her show and to have the pleasure of tea or lunch if our schedules permitted.

Patuna's gowns left me in a complete fairytale when I saw her show in Miami Beach International Fashion Week! I was simply taken by all the gorgeous embellishments the lovely heavenly colors and if you remember my Interview with her from last year---you know that her gorgeous pink gown was the one I completely fell in love with! And as I arrived at Couture Fashion Week on the first night Saturday February
My little princess and I by coincidence sat next to Princess Patuna and mini princess Kelly! Kelly was wearing the beautiful signature color of Pink! A gorgeous princess pink gown with beautiful embellishments around the neckline sooooo adorable♥

Sitting with Patuna I feel a sense of re-united with an old love...she thanked me so much for my support and explained how much that means to her. That moment on I remembered MBIFW that was my first show outside of Chicago then and still today I only do for the love of fashion truly! Fashion...Specifically Patuna's fuel me like nothing else. The moment I am taken away by a show I am immediately entering another world of pure joy!I try to keep that at the forefront of my mind when writing and going about my fashion adventures. I don't ever want that to change, my opinion and admiration of gorgeous fashions.
 I want it to always remain just that---my complete admiration.^_^

Patuna may not realize but as much as I inspire and motivates her she does for me. For her big glamorous show here at Couture Fashion Week New York, Patuna brought along her good friend Nini who is an amazing singer. She belted out a beautiful rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You".  While wearing a gorgeous black patent leather scarf piece complete with embellishment which is how you can tell it's a Signature Patuna Bushyhead Design!!

Next it was Lights! Camera! Action! The gorgeous designs took over the stage and told a story of true deep love and devotion. Each delicate Garment Embellished with Love, Flowing Silk, Lace and Sparkle*!*!*

My Absolute Favorite piece was the amazing back and shoulder armor with black patent leather backdrop and delicate yet strong jeweled accents...Oh the wonders I could do with such a design in my wardrobe! *Ahhhhhhmazing*
I was left in awe and after the show I had to Congratulate Patuna on this new sexy yet demuresque collection and ask her about Future Adventures!

C.Chic: What inspired this special collection? There are Lot's of Signature Patuna Embellishments  with touches of leather as well.

Patuna: Glamorous and elegant looks of strong women!

C.Chic: What has your experience been like thus far since last year at Miami Beach International Fashion Week?
Patuna: A lot of hard but positive work! A designer must love the work. Once you put your love into a collection; people will love it and everybody will feel it. Miami Beach International Fashion Week was such a tremendous experience. After Miami Beach International Fashion Week I opened the premier Miami Beach Bridal Week and that was also a wonderful special event. I never stop working and creating and I was making the collection for the photo session for a coffee table book.

CChic: Can you tell us the future plans for Patuna Bushyhead Couture House?
Patuna: I have many more Shows planned and I will continue to create and work non-stop. Fashion for me is to make beautiful people look more beautiful.

You can guarantee if I am able I will always travel to see a showcase by such a beautiful talented lady Patuna...Visit her online

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