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Friday, October 4, 2013

gidi Reveals E-Commerce Site & Magnificent Mile Debut

gidi Reveals E-Commerce Site & Magnificent Mile Debut 

Luxury women’s clothing designer brand gidi, renowned for it’s trademark: Classic with an Element of Surprise, is launching a new e-commerce site in conjunction with the launch of her Autumn Winter Collection “Fall In Love”.  Upon the heels of Mercedes-benz Fashion Week, Taneasha Prunty is finishing up the last minute touches to debut on the Magnificent Mile at Niala Conte Boutique. Unlike the countless designers who have showcased their creations all over New York Fashion Week, Taneasha is focusing her four-year luxury brand on The Magnificent Mile & Suburban Boutiques to reach her consumer directly through exclusive trunk shows and finally reaching the gidi consumer Nationally online :

Founder and designer Taneasha Prunty explains, "My inspiration was what I like to call Classic Minimalism- It's a return to Understated Elegance. I wanted to step away from anything that felt cluttered or over-designed by using the classic combination of black (which symbolizes confidence, power and sophistication) and white (which symbolize purity and truth). I guess this collection can best be described by using one of Leonardo da Vinci's quotes: "Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!"

Currently available at luxury fashion forward Boutique Niala Conte Boutique and Strut Geneva, the “Fall In Love” is now available directly from Prices begin at  $50 to the upper $300’s .

About gidi by Taneasha Prunty

Taneasha Prunty is a self-taught designer who was inspired from her mother to begin designing at a young age. She endeavors to create a look for a woman that will make her feel completely beautiful from front to back not just looking at her makeup. She accomplishes this by always adding an attractive, subtle allure in the design of each gown.

gidi's vision is to create looks that walk the fine line between classic sophistication and modernism while still implementing an element of surprise. Rather than entertaining the latest fads or trends we focus more on a lasting signature look. When wearing any of gidi's designs the unique individuality that is expected when buying an eveningwear garment is maintained while offering timeless classics that can be cherished and revered by generations of women.

gidi’s philosophy is that if a woman is going to wear an evening dress, she wants to be flawless, and it is my responsibility as a designer to make her stunningly unforgettable!

gidi is a Chicago Fashion Incubator Alumni, featured in Fashion Focus Chicago, Emerge New York Fashion Week, Midwest Fashion Week. Press Features Includes Michigan Ave Magazine Online, Cheeky Chicago, Fashionista Chicago, WCIU You & Me This Morning,,,, Gloss Magazine Online, & Famous Fashion Blogger:


  1. I love these designs! Makes me want to go shopping for something new... but I haven't seen anything as nice in stores. (Sigh) Dilemmas....

  2. This promotion sounds so cool! Love the idea of an e-commerce site. I think this is gonna be a huge hit :).